Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why Brock Lesnar needs to beat Triple H at Extreme Rules

Brock Lesnar wrestled his first match at Extreme Rules last year vs John Cena since returning. He has wrestled 3 matches in one year and out of 3, He has lost 2 and won one. He lost to John Cena at Extreme Rules 2012, He beat Triple H at SummerSlam. Then once again at WrestleMania this year, He lost to Triple H. So his current record is 1-2 which is exactly what Lesnar doesn't need. His character is a unstoppable monster, but yet WWE has made him lose matches. Yes Brock Lesnar looked very strong in defeat to Cena at Extreme Rules last year but He still lost. Why should fans care about an superstar If he keeps losing PPV matches? Here is some reasons why I think Brock Lesnar should win at Extreme Rules. 

First of all, Brock Lesnar needs to win this match just because Triple H doesn't need It. HHH did needed to win at WrestleMania because He wanted payback Which He got. At Extreme Rules, Triple H has nothing to lose If he loses to Lesnar. Triple H doesn't need victories to be a Main event star. He won't lose any credibility by losing this match. Brock Lesnar will gain more by winning this match, He needs It. If He loses then It will be his 3rd lose since returning. Brock Lesnar is a bigger draw than Triple H at the moment and Looking at It now, Lesnar will be wrestling more matches in the future than HHH will. No point in having HHH win If he will disappear right after It.

Triple H doesn't have to lose clean in a Steel Cage Match. Brock Lesnar won at SummerSlam, HHH won at WrestleMania. Scorecard is 1-1 and this is a Rubber match in a Steel Cage match to avoid any outside Interference. And that is why there should be outside Interference. Steel Cage matches in WWE usually always have outside Interference. Now we get to the point of Who costs HHH his match? There can be a few, 1. might be someone that HHH can fued in the near future, because HHH would disappear after the loss and then When he returns He can feud with that superstar. Another one can be Paul Heyman, that would be predictable but can be logical. 

The Shield could also cost Triple H the match at Extreme Rules. We can say that Paul Heyman told them to do that. If you have Shield cost HHH the match and then End the PPV with them standing tall with Champions in their hands (They defeated Team Hell No earlier on the night). Triple H disappears for a while and since I heard Taker will be wrestling Shield at SummerSlam, Why don't we have HHH who lost to Lesnar at ER because of Shield, Undertaker who is taken out by The Shield and one other superstar vs The Shield at SummerSlam. There are many ways for Lesnar to win that match by cheating since It's a Steel Cage match. 

Now we move on to What will be next for Lesnar when he wins at Extreme Rules. Brock Lesnar is advertised for WWE Payback in Chicago next month, so I assume He would be wrestling in that pay-per-view. Now If you have HHH beat him at Extreme Rules then Why would we think He has a chance in his next match in few weeks? Lesnar can win few more matches and even though He is a part time wrestler, He should challenge for the WWE Championship. After winning few more matches, Brock Lesnar can move onto challenging the WWE Champion John Cena at SummerSlam. I'm not sure if WWE will have Cena be champion till SummerSlam but He might be. Brock Lesnar's first WWE match since returning was against John Cena who he lost to. Now Lesnar might look to get his revenge and Also the WWE Champion. So you have Brock Lesnar vs John Cena at SummerSlam for the WWE Champion but I don't want to see that match If WWE makes Lesnar lose ANOTHER match before that. 

Brock Lesnar must win for many reasons, but these were couple of reasons why I think He should win the Steel cage match at Extreme Rules. Hope you enjoyed this short article, Make sure you Follow me on Twitter.

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